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Once we’ve performed a full IT audit, we’ll discuss a service level agreement with you, tailor made to suit your business and keep network downtime to an absolute minimum. When your system is running efficiently, we can help you use your technology strategically to increase your businesses productivity and profitability, at no extra cost.

Please contact us today for a free network diagnosis. We look forward to helping you turn your technology into a true business asset.

Security and Antivirus

Don’t leave your network vulnerable to criminal activities. Forefront will provide constant security support and upgrades, including firewall maintenance, anti-virus software and detection systems to ensure that your network is protected from viruses, spyware, spam or any other unwanted presence that can harm your network.

Remote and onsite support

When you enter into a service level agreement with us, we install our unique Pulse box onsite to monitor all your server network and PC activity from our offices. This system allows us to be constantly aware of any issues, so we can sort them out remotely before they cause any hassle, saving you time and cost.

At times, we’ll need to come in to your premises. You can rest assured that our technicians will provide quality service and always be motivated, helpful and friendly, whether they’re assisting you at your office, over the phone or via email.

One of the options available in our service level agreement is the use of a managed on site technician. This means that we’ll send you a technician who is dedicated specifically to maintaining your network and providing onsite support for a set period.

Network Maintenance

At Forefront our goal is to ensure that your network constantly runs as smoothly and effectively as possible, minimizing the frustration and unnecessary costs that occur during downtime periods. We set up your network and provide remote monitoring from our offices 24/7, using automatic alerting systems to resolve any issues before they get in the way of your business operations.

Data Maintenance

Losing your valuable information records is every businesses worst nightmare. Part of our service is to provide data backup and recovery solutions, so you don’t have to worry about losing everything in the event of a disaster. Our data maintenance services will ensure that your data is backed up regularly and stored on and off site, electronically or physically on tapes or hard drives, depending on your requirements.

Computer and Server Support

Our technicians will ensure the optimal performance from all the machines in your business. This includes computer setup, installation, software updates and renewals, fixing performance issues, licensing and hardware maintenance.